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Because an epitaph leaves an indelible impression of the person it is meant to reflect, many people choose to compose their own. While some might think that, in this age of cryptic social media messaging, it is easy to sum up one’s life and attitude in a few choice words, it is not necessarily so. Whether one elects to be solemn, philosophical, witty, folksy, ironic, vengeful, sweet, loving, dear, spiritual, casual, formal, self-righteous, dignified, or hilarious, it is no simple task to distill one’s being into a few words. With this in mind, one woman named “Kay” chose to have her fudge recipe carved into her granite gravestone, followed by the words “where ever she goes, there’s laughter.” 

The funeral home is an important part of any community. In addition to providing a variety of necessary services to the community such as burial services, cremation services, memorial services and celebrations of life, funeral homes also serve as resources for those grieving the loss of a loved one. If you are interested in making funeral arrangements for a loved one, we invite you to call JAMES H. DELANEY & SON FUNERAL HOME at 668-1960. Please tour our facility at 48 Common Street, where we have been serving our community with care for more than 50 years.       

QUOTE: One descriptive epitaph inscription reads “Inclined to mischief.”